Kensington Conference and Events Centre

London, UK
17-19 May 2017

Invited speaker presentations

Our invited speakers were an integral part of the EUFEMED conference and we are delighted to be able to share their presentations with you.

Please click on the links below for the individual presentations:

Claire Ambery

Christian Blank

Bruno Boutouyrie-Dumont

Philippe Danjou

Jan de Hoon

Saskia de Wildt

Katharina Erb-Zohar and Yves Donazzolo

Ann Gils

Chris Goldring

Philippe Grosjean & Eric Legangneux

Geoff Hale

David Jones

Ioannis Karydis

Ulrike Lorch

Christoph Male

Marc Pallardy

Annick Peremans

Stephanie Plassman

Friedeman Schmidt

Thomas Sudhop

Jorg Taubel

An Van Den Bergh